Vegie growers told to change policies

Vegie growers told to change policies


A group of growers who say the Government’s decision to phase out the import of cattle from Tasmania has failed to protect them from market price spikes has sent a letter to the Government saying they are concerned they will be forced to sell their cattle in the state.

The letter came after a spate of incidents involving animal welfare issues in a new agricultural policy area that was brought into force in November.

The government says it will implement a range of voluntary changes, including banning the importation of cattle that pose health and welfare concerns.

In a letter to Assistant Minister Alan Tudge, the Grain Farmers of Tasmania said any cattle that arrived from Tasmania without vaccinations before September were unlikely to be adequately vaccinated and that the introduction of non-imported species like chicken and duck would be “an important part of achieving the Government’s objectives”.

In their letter to Mr Tudge, the farmers said they hoped the introduction of non-imported species like chicken and duck would help to combat their concerns because it would provide better nutritional diversity for the affected breeds and reduce the likelihood of future livestock importations by those with poor herd health.

“Our concern is that this policy will impact on the welfare of our graziers and their suppliers as well as the broader community and the quality of the local food supply,” the farmers said.

“As far as we are aware, the introduction of non-imported species like chicken and duck does not pose any health or welfare issue and is currently not subject to the mandatory vaccinations for new animal production.

“Our livestock have not been tested,더킹카지노 nor have they been in any way inspected by the AAT.”

Mr Tudge confirmed the new policy change would affect imports, but would not comment on their impact on consumers as he was confident the issue would be handled carefully.

“At the end of the day we’re making a voluntary change thnatyasastra.comat’s going to give us a much better balance of information to consider,” he said.

“That is an outcome that we’re pretty confident will be well reviewed, but that’s not yet b우리카지노een taken by the AAT.”


Grain Farmer David Settle, a farmer in Crook River, is still concerned.

“The fact they haven’t done any sort of analysis of the risks to consumers or to the environment is a concern to us,” Mr Settle said.

“As we’re a

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