Venus finding form in poland

Venus finding form in poland

By Simon Hradecky, created Saturday, Jul 13th 2012 13:24Z, last updated Saturday, Jul 13th 2012 13:24Z A Venus flying through the night sky from space – the so-called VV-1 (Voyager-U) – was sighted in Poland in the evening of Thursday, Jul 12th and the aircraft is now reported to have made an approach to a geosynchronous satellite.

It has also been spotted on the eastern side of the country with some local media also reporting the aircraft has now touched down in the city of Jeluga Buza.카지노가입쿠폰

The news comes as part of a new ge더킹카지노주소osynchronous satellite operation, in which Europe’s 28nd s모바일 바카라atellite, VV-1b, and its partner, Voyager-U, is operating from the earth.

The VV-1 is an orbiting Venus flyby spacecraft which was launched by NASA on October 7th 2005 and made its maiden flight, the second mission of its kind, in November 2005.

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