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In addition to Minister Salem, there was the series al Din al Ayyubi which starred Jamal Suleiman. Also, the public does not forget until today the series of Andalusia, which he presented with his lens, such as Spring of Cordoba the work that opened the portal of stardom for the artist Nisreen Tafesh at its beginnings, in addition to Quraysh and of the Sects To this day, these works bear witness to the splendor of Hatem Ali production and the elaborate performance of the cover samsung a5 2015 farfalle Syrian stars, whose stories and personalities have been preserved in the minds until now. And because director Hatem Ali correctly exported himself to historical works, the first choice for MBC TV and the Qatar Media Foundation, to present a sensitive historical work at a cost of 200 million Saudi riyals, was which narrates the life of the second Rashid Caliph Omar bin Al Khattab. The series gained a notorious reputation after its presentation cover iphone 7 plus pelose and achieved clear success cover samsung j7 2017 duos despite the greenhouses that cover samsung s6 resistente afflicted the Arabs in 2011, that is, in the year the series was presented, and the artist Samer Ismail played the role of the caliph in his first TV experiments, and a group of Syrian and Arab stars, such as Ghassan Masoud, Mai Skaf, participated. What also makes this drama popular is the powerful text that was written or supervised by professionals in history. For example, Mamdouh Adwan wrote the series Al Zeer Salem, while the text of the series was by Walid Saif, who restored his success with Hatem Ali after the series Quraish Qurtuba and of the Sects The distinguishing element of this drama is the meeting of the most important Arab stars in one work, without underestimating or reducing cover per iphone 5s tumblr the value or effort of any of cover memoria espandibile iphone them, as is currently happening in the joint drama. As these works depended on the Lebanese, Moroccan, and Gulf artists as well, in what constitutes a true harmony that is not overshadowed by different dialects, since the work is in the formal language, which makes the audience accept this mixture of drama, as it provides a sound performance cover per iphone x apple from Arab academic stars, who have their names and attractive presence.

After the Arab wars and revolutions, the wave of historical works that narrate the story of a personal life or a specific era has clearly receded, and even historical fantasia no longer exists except in what is rare, and the works that were issued between 2011 and 2019 did not achieve such widespread popularity, such as the series Bani Hashem Banners of Truth as the prevailing productive and marketing environment began to move towards joint work that is not free from superficiality or to present simple social stories of interest to the Arab citizen cover iphone a 1 euro in his ordeal. The historical work was not beneficial to his presence or influence after history overturned in the Arab region as a whole since 2011, so the old best cover for iphone historical works remained present in their memory and image to the public and the renewal cover iphone 6s armani was absent in light of the conditions that existed. But after the waves of revolutions and wars gradually receded, this drama began to surface again, but with another template that was clearly politicized. In Ramadan 2018, two historical series were suddenly announced, and the media pumping appeared strong in them, the first was “Harun Al Rashid”, which starred cover samsung galaxy a5 nera Qusai Khouli, and the second, “Al Muhallab bin Abi Safra”, which starred Moatasem Al Nahar. Although the first achieved wide spread on several Arab channels, but it did not satisfy many, despite the presence of a group of Syrian stars in it, such as migliori cover per iphone 5s Karis Bashar, Samar Sami, Abed Fahd, and others.

As for it possessed the ingredients of success as a historical work, and it was presented by director Mohamed Lotfi in a distinct style from a very beautiful text written by cover iphone 5s taylor swift Mohamed Al Batoush, but the work did not achieve a popular reputation unlike In addition, the series was clearly politicized, and symbolically recounts the dispute that occurred between Qatar and the Emirates, especially as Al Muhallab was an Emirati from the city of while his friend who becomes his enemy later, he is Qatari bin Al Fajah. The works that followed these two activities were not devoid of political and religious coding according to the producer of the work, the latest of which was the series of Fire which achieved great success despite his technical mistakes, despite his clear politicization against Turkey in response to Turkish Gulf political differences. The work highlighted the bloody history of the Ottomans during the Mamluk era, exaggeratedly. It is true that the Ottoman history was bloody, but the way to export the work was clear in highlighting this point more than others.

In the upcoming Ramadan season 2020, historical works disappear entirely, knowing that the 2019 season carried two historical series with him, namely “the lover the neighborhood struggle” and “maqamat Al Ashq”, but this season was overshadowed by the joint works, because of this role cover iphone 4s strass in the spread And Arab expansion, because it contains various Arab elements. Financial crises and volatile political environments, in addition to the recent Corona virus crisis, may play a role in cover samsung s7 edge keep calm avoiding this type of drama.

It seems that the larger trend has become in the orbit of the historical politicization of works and a move away from neutrality and objectivity, as was the case of these works previously, which entered historical drama into a maze that you could not easily get out of. Marketing and presentation are more dependent on politicization than they depend on the content of the story, its significance, the family image and the unique characters that the Syrian drama previously managed to present. Consequently, historical drama enters into an unknown fate for this season, and also in the future, as a result of a trap set by the producers for themselves, namely the politicization and the huge sums of money that are paid for one work, although it can be reduced by half in the production of distinct and more impressive work, and by thirty episodes and not in fifteen episodes Just.

Pending the end of the fog that we live economically, politically and socially, the producers may regain their breath and rethink the formulation of history on cover firmate iphone 6s plus the screens in a more neutral way, especially as we entered and will enter the thresholds of dangerous historical turns in the future, and if cover samsung a 5 2017 silicone we do not justice our past history technically, we will not do justice to the art of history after us…

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